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Banner: Sri Gurujothi Films
Cast: Mu.Kalanjiyam
Direction: Mu.Kalanjiyam
Production: G.Vivekanthan
Music: Srikanth Deva
Lyricis: Erode Erivan, Illayakamban, Pugalyendi
Released Year: 2011

Movie with grave subjects, will be appealing if deliverd in an appealing manner. Director Kalanijyam with his Movie Karungali tried something that is very serious in nature . The movie is revolvingaround the life of a person who is bornas an orphan and later as the story moveson he is a part of so many other’s life one or the other way. Making us pity and sad for the poor life of an orphan living in slums takes a turn as the movie goes onemotions like lust, cheat.


The story begins with Ravi (Kalanjiyam), a cruel drug peddler saves the life of Kanimozhi, a doctor (Sunitha Verma) injured in an accident. Kanimozhi decidesto marry her saviour.

Knowing about Ravi’s bad past that he was a drug seller and had killed his won lover, Kanimozhi goes behind him. Ravi tells Kanimozhi that he is now a changed man. Both get married. Coming to know from Kanimozhi about Amudhanila (by Anjali), who is desperate to have a child, Ravi decides to play dirty tricks with her. .

Amudhanila is married to Gunasekharan (played by Srinivas) and both are madly in love. Their only problem is that they don’t have a child. Ravi tries to exploit her situation and force her to take to the bed with him. ‘ Does Ravi exploit Amudhanila? Does the doctor and Amudhanila’s husband find out about Ravi?


Songs by Srikanth Deva alone stand out.


Anjali, Sunitha Verma, Srinivas and Asmitha seem to have done a good job in the film. Anjali deserves special credits for she has given a matured performance as a perplexed girl.Many a dialogue and scene are vulgar.

Final Word: Movie with a heavy subject expressed in a light manner

Rating : 1/ 5

Karungali Movie Overview

Mu Kalangiyam – Director

Srikanth Deva – Music Director, G.Vivekanandhan – Producer
Cast : Mu Kalangiyam, Anjali, Sunitha Varma, Asmitha, Alex
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